Joker's Jewels Slot Review

Joker's Jewels Slot Review

Hello and welcome to Genie Picks where today we’ll be bringing you a Joker’s Jewels slot review! While Joker’s Jewels online slot isn't a well-known slot machine, we feel it deserves a spot on our review page for its unique charm and easy-to-learn play. To find out more about this slot and see what experience it has to offer continue on this Joker’s Jewels slot machine review!

Joker's Jewels Slot Overview

To start this review, the Joker’s Jewels casino slot is a classic and popular slot machine. It is designed with a retro appeal that true slot users will recognize and adore. Joker’s Jewel online slot is full of energy and fun with its theme being very retro and colorfully designed! There are great features in this slot including free spins, different symbols, and great atmosphere presents. There is certainly something for everyone whether you are a seasoned slot user or new to the idea of slots, Joker’s Jewel has a journey and experience for everyone!

The Joker Jewel’s casino slot machine is a familiar 5 by 3 reel set up with very generous pay-out symbols. There is a top prize awarded to the player of 5000x the wager if successful, which in its own right is worth going for. Scatter Sumboled earns prizes outside the standard pay lines and always keeps the game exciting and moving forward. 


Joker’s Jewels slot machine is a very retro design. However, its symbol is not like the classic fruit machines the player maybe use too. Instead, we are working jesters and what would typically be found in a king's court. 

The following symbols are used in the Joker Jewels slot online:

  • Low Paying Symbols: Peal, Diamond, and Ruby are the low-paying symbols of this slot.
  • Juggling Clubs and Lute: Awards the player with up to 200x of the set stake amount. 
  • Jester: Awards the player with up to 100x the set stake amount.
  • Crown: Awards the player up to 250x the set stake amount.


Joker’s Jewels online slot and Joker’s Jewels mobile slot both have a theoretical return to player rate (RTP) of 96.5% which is 0.5% above the market average. As a low volatility slot game, it is accessible to all players.

How To Play Joker's Jewels


Joker’s Jewels slot UK as stated before is your standard 5 by 3 reel configuration, which is very beginner-friendly either online or via mobile. Even if you arent use to slots online getting used to the format is super easy with its great layout and menu options. 

To start your gaming experience you will need to check out the information of the game by checking its pay-out windows and game menus to familiarize where everything is located. When you are happy with the layout and understand where things are we need to set our wager to what we are comfortable with. The wager options are suitable for all slot enthusiasts so whatever your experience feel free to give it a try. Once happy with the wager, locate the “Spin” button and begin the movement of the reels. After a short time, the reels will stop at random and you will award with the prizes or require to “Spin” again. Winning combinations are created by combining three or more matching symbols across a pay line starting from the left side of the reels to the right side of the reels. 

Joker's Jewels Slot Game Features


As a retro-inspired slot the only bonus feature on offer is the Free Spins feature. Joker’s Jewels doesn't have a “Wild Symbol” so the game is very simplistic in its design but we think this adds to the charm. The game has a Scatter Symbol of a crown which will reward the player with free spins but will also give payouts when landing three or more on a single spin!


The Joker’s Jewels slow bonus top prize is worth 5000x your set stake which is awarded to the player when they fill the reels with “Jester Symbols”. 

Enjoy The Joker's Jewels Slot on Mega Casino

If you enjoyed this Joker’s Jewels online slot review then feel free to head to Mega Casino website and give it a try today! The best way to experience the slot and its retro level of charm is to play Joker’s Jewels slot for yourself and we wish you the best of luck when spinning its reels.


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