A Beginner's Guide to Live Roulette Variations

Guide to Live Roulette Variationse

A game of chance, roulette is played in practically every kind of casino, both online and off.  There are three primary variations of roulette: French, English, and American. The game has a lengthy and fascinating history spanning hundreds of years. The objective of roulette is actually quite simple: place a wager on the number, or combination of numbers, that the ball will ultimately settle on. This may seem daunting to a complete novice, but the board and wheel of the game are actually fairly simple.

In more recent years, roulette has shifted to the live casino world, and in today’s article we’ll be bringing you our straightforward beginner guide to live roulette, and if you’d like to learn even more, check out our article; Mega Casino's Top 10 Tips for Playing Online Roulette.

European Live Roulette

The wheel used to play European Roulette contains 36 numbers on it: 1 through 36 plus one zero. Its Return to Player (RTP) is therefore 97.3%. It is the most widely played version of roulette and the foundation for many of the most well-liked live casino options. Although the game is offered by all Live casino providers, the features and playing interface vary throughout them. A Racecourse is a feature of any playing interface that facilitates betting on numbers and their neighbours. Most let you keep your best wagers. You can wager directly on the statistical perspective of previous results or on hot and cold numbers using the more sophisticated interfaces.


American Live Roulette

In American Roulette, the starting numbers to gamble on are single zero (0), double zero (00), and 1 to 36, in contrast to the European version. The primary distinction between this version and all the others is the wheel design. The double zero pocket feature raises the house advantage and increases the likelihood of winning from 1 to 38. The numbers on the wheel are ordered logically and sequentially. Sequential numbers of the American Roulette wheel are arranged in opposition to one another. Both share the same table arrangement, even though the number configurations can be quite different.

As a result, the game's RTP is 94.74%, far less than that of its European equivalent (97.3%). Understandably this makes this variant of live roulette much less popular with players, and it is far less seen at casinos, though it popular with players looking to channel the higher-stakes Las Vegas-style experience from the comfort of their own home.


French Live Roulette

One of the earliest table game variations in the casino business is French roulette. Like any other form, it was first played in France in the grand salons of the nobility with a croupier taking the lead. The casino game's table arrangement is extremely particular and marginally different from the variants found in Europe and America (though with a single zero French Roulette is most similar to European Roulette). The numbers in this game are arranged horizontally across the table. There are twelve bets in the upper and lower right sections of the grid. "La Partage" and "En Prison" are also permitted in this game.

If you lose an outside bet and the ball lands in the zero pockets, you will receive a refund of half of what you wagered. Conversely, the "En Prison" offers gamblers an additional opportunity to spin the wheel without affecting their outside bets. The house gains if a player loses. The use of wagers in the French language in the French version is true to its name. La Partage raises French Roulette's RTP to 98.5%.


Innovative Live Roulette

Live Roulette takes elements from the iconic roulette genres previously mentioned and enhances them with elements such as authentic live experiences, multipliers, bonus elements and so much more. Listed below are just a few examples of the top live roulette games seen at Mega Casino

Live Immersive Roulette

Despite the fact that live table roulette wheels with a focus on spectacular and thrilling cinematography seem prevalent these days this wasn’t always the case. This method was first introduced by Evolution, and that was back in 2013 with Live Immersive Roulette. 2013 saw the launching of Evolution's live dealer roulette game, Immersive Roulette. With a minimum bet of £0.50 and a maximum wager of £5,000, it offers an impressive RTP of 97.30%. One of Evolution's most well-known and thrilling live roulette games, it can be played on mobile and desktop devices.

There are other variants of immersive-style roulette out there with the aim of the game of these variants being to recreate as closely as possible the experience of playing roulette in an actual real-world casino.


Speed Roulette Live

A faster variant of live dealer roulette, known as live speed roulette, lasts only 25 seconds between spins. That is around half the length of a normal gaming round. Because of this, fans of roulette may add more betting options and excitement to each game session. This is fast-paced live roulette action with a specially created wheel and knowledgeable live dealers. Thanks to quick video-based winning number detection, betting happens only during the spin, meaning there is no "dead time" and no delay in moving on to the next one. Speed Roulette Live from Evolution Gaming is a popular example of a live roulette game in this genre.


Double Ball Roulette Live

With the release of their innovative Live Double Ball Roulette game in May 2016, Evolution Gaming stunned the online gaming community. This variation of roulette, as the name implies, uses two balls rather than one; as a result, players' odds of winning inside bets are doubled, while their chances of winning outside bets are halved. Due to its suitably calibrated rewards, which include an enticing 1300:1 maximum payout, Live Double Ball Roulette has become a popular game among players all over the world. The game has mechanically launched balls, numerous camera perspectives, and an HD live broadcast of the action


Auto Roulette Live

There are multiple types of Auto Roulette out there. Auto roulette - as the name might suggest, is a fully automated game of live roulette, without a dealer, just the players and the wheel. Probably the most popular variant of this game is Auto-Roueltte from Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming's Live Auto-Roulette was designed to meet the demands of players seeking intense activity without resorting to random number generation (RNG) methods. It can play 60 to 80 games in a single hour. Players can access this game around the clock, and it follows regular European rules. It has a real wheel. Players shouldn't expect a dealer because this is Auto-Roulette; as soon as the wheel stops spinning, the ball is repeatedly propelled with the aid of a catapult.


Live Roulette with Multipliers

Adding multipliers to the game of roulette is one of the most popular ways that live casino game developers can shake up the traditional roulette formula and engage players in new and innovative ways. Probably the standout example of this is Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming. This live roulette variant will add random ‘lightning multipliers’ to random numbers on the wheel with each round.


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