Immortal Romance Slot Review

Immortal Romance Slot Review

Vampires, werewolves, and photogenic high schoolers are all features of the Immortal Romance slot machine. Inspired by the YA urban fantasy boom in the late noughties, there are lots of things to unpick about the Immortal Romance slot, so join us for our Immortal Romance online slot review.

Immortal Romance Slot Details

Immortal Romance slot UK, a vampire romance game from Games Global, is now available.

Fans of dark magic, the paranormal, and intrigue will like the Immortal Romance online slot.

The Immortal Romance online slot is more than a slot game; it's an experience thanks to its captivating soundtrack and high-quality images; It's absolutely worth sinking your teeth into the Immortal Romance slot machine!

There are four bonus rounds to choose from, each with its own set of bonuses, and matching three or more wild symbols will also allow you entry to the mythical Chamber of Spins! The Immortal Romance slot machine also has an epic RTP of 96.86%. Who knows what you'll discover as you play the Immortal Romance slot game, with four wonderfully attractive characters to get to know.

How To Play Immortal Romance


It simply takes a few clicks to play the Immortal Romance slot. You can game on the go with this title via the Immortal Romance Mobile slot. It all starts with deciding on your stake amount - not the wooden sort, but the cash kind!

Your stake in the Immortal Romance online slot is determined by the number of coins you want to wager per spin (between 1-10). The value of each coin is determined by a variety of factors, including where you play the Immortal Romance slot online and the money you use.

The Immortal Romance Casino slot is largely story-driven, and the reel spins convey the story of the four major characters: Sarah, Michael, Troy, and Amber. Pay close attention to these characters because each one can provide you with a fantastic bonus round.

Immortal Romance Slot Game Features


There are so many Immortal Romance slot bonus features, so let's continue our Immortal Romance slot review by going through these:

Chamber of Spins

Collecting three or more scatter symbols activates the Chamber of Spins. A new character will be unlocked each time a player uses this function. The bonuses awarded by each character are as follows:

  • Amber: Awards 10 free spins + 5x multiplier.
  • Troy: Awards 15 free spins + vampire bat feature.
  • Michael: Awards 20 free spins + rolling reels feature.
  • Sarah: Awards 25 free spins +  wild vine feature.

Vampire Bat Feature

In Troy's bonus round, the vampire bat feature is used. During the free spins, vampire bats will drop onto the reels and award up to a 6x multiplier for each win.

Rolling Reels

In Michael's bonus round, the rolling reels feature is used to enable successive wins that award a multiplier of up to 5x your stake amount.

Wild Vine Feature

In Sarah's bonus round, the wild vine feature transforms symbols into wild symbols, increasing the chances of bigger prizes and better combos.

Player Achievements

As players go through the Immortal Romance slot machine's tiers, all the way up to the gold tier, they will earn play achievements. By completing a range of various victory options for each symbol, players can obtain incentives such as symbol achievements.

Immortal Romance Verdict

Are you impressed by what you’ve read in our Immortal Romance slot machine review? - We are! You just can’t deny that the Immortal Romance slot has it all, a cohesive theme, enchanting characters, exciting bonus features, and an epic RTP. If you want to play the Immortal Romance slot game, then look no further than Mega Casino where you can play this slot and tons of others.


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