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Many variations of roulette have existed for hundreds of years. Yet, certain modifications are only conceivable due to technological improvements. One of them is Live Quantum Roulette by Playtech. It utilises European Roulette as its foundation and adds randomly assigned multipliers. With this update, players can earn up to 499:1 on every spin of the wheel. The maximum possible win is 500 times the initial wager.

Slot Features

Two betting strategies are available in Live Quantum Roulette. As is customary, you can choose coins and place bets immediately on the betting board. You may also utilise the Bet Maker tool. This opens a separate betting board where wagers can be placed at your convenience. You can design your wagers without concern for the bet timer with the Bet Creator. Once your wager is ready, you may either deposit it immediately or save it as a preset for the next round.

Each spot on the betting board is open to wagers. A wager can cover multiple positions. The broader a wager's coverage, the safer it is to play. These are outside wagers covering 12 or more numbers. The reverse of outside wagers are inside wagers. They cover fewer individuals, but compensate with higher rewards. Multiplier payout increases only apply to single-number and straight-up wagers.

After the wagering timer expires, up to five multiplier increases may be applied to random numbers. The multipliers will be substituted for the initial prize. Potential multipliers are 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 400x and 500x. It is possible for the same multiplier to be used for several straight up wagers. Random special events can also occur. A single occurrence multiplies some or all multipliers by 50. Another can multiply all active multipliers by two or three.

Players can place a variety of combination wagers at the racetrack. The four French wagers are the most popular. They include zero, tier, orphelins, and voisins. Each French wager covers a segment of the roulette wheel. French wagers are a combination of single-number wagers and multiple-number wagers.

Neighbour wagers are the second sort of optional wager. Choose a number from the track. The neighbour wager will be placed on that number and the two neighbouring numbers to its left and right. You control the placement of neighbouring numerals. You can place a maximum of nine neighbour bets.

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