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Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

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94.92% - 95.6%

Slingo Rainbow Riches Description

The Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game uses the mythology of the leprechaun to create a unique online slot gaming experience. Slingo Rainbow Riches combines the suspense of bingo with the exhilarating immediacy of online slot gaming, creating a fun hybrid game with unique gaming mechanics.

This five-reeled slot machine features unique mini-games, huge multipliers, free spins, six different bonus rounds, and an auto playing feature that is sure to relieve the repetitive motion on your preferred clicking finger.

The mission of the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot machine game is simple: mark off all the numbers in a row, just as you would when playing Bingo. But Slingo has a fun casino twist. Instead of pulling balls from a spinner, Rainbow Riches uses a slot mechanism to draw a series of numbers. The result is the numbers which are used to daub off spots on the Slingo board.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches Online

Playing Slingo Rainbow Riches slot online is an exhilarating experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat with every spin. As we mentioned earlier, this slot game is essentially a hybrid between slots and bingo—hence the name “slingo.” The layout of the Slingo board features a 5 x 5 grid of 25 numbers, much like a bingo card.

Players must make a single initial bet before beginning the game. The game’s payout is determined by how many “slingos,” or completed lines, that the player can construct by the end of the game. Each number of slingos signifies a different bonus game. Each bonus game awards a unique potential payout.

The player starts the game with 10 spins. More spins can be won by receiving free bonus spins throughout the course of the game. After the original spins are exhausted, players can also pay for additional spins individually. Once the player has finished buying additional spins, they can press the “End Game” button to start a new game.

Unlike other slot machine games, Slingo Rainbow Riches only has a single spinning reel. When the player spins the single movable reel, the line of winning numbers determines which numbers are marked off on the slingo board. Each of the numbers that appear on the reel act much like the numbers pulled during a bingo game.

When players match the winning threshold of at least 5 slingos, they are rewarded with a bonus game that determines their game payout based on payout multipliers. The more slingos a gamer collects, the more rewarding the bonus games become. Filling the entire slingo board results in the ‘pot of gold’ bonus game.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Machine
Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

Slingo Rainbow Riches Info

Slot Type:Video slot
RTP (Return to Player):95.6%
Pay Lines:12 ways to create slingo lines
Minimum Bet:£0.50
Maximum Bet:£200

Meet the Slingo Rainbow Riches Characters

When you play Slingo Rainbow Riches slot machine online, you meet a collection of colorful characters and animations. As the game loads, you are greeted by a jolly, yet mischievous leprechaun, sitting on a rock and playing a fiddle. The characters of Slingo Rainbow Riches have one goal in mind: finding the end of the rainbow and collecting the pot of gold that awaits.

In addition to the leprechaun on the main loading screen, Slingo Rainbow Riches is packed with other beautiful artwork as well—including bonus game graphics which include mushrooms, rainbows, wells, and of course, more leprechauns. There are also leprechauns which appear on two different ‘wild’ bonus cards, one which allows the player to choose any spot on a single line, and another that allows the player to choose any spot on the entire board.

But not all is rainbows and sunshine in the land of Rainbow Riches. In addition to the wild leprechaun bonuses, there is a ‘devil’ bonus which blocks the spot of one your numbers, meaning only four numbers are drawn instead of five.

Slingo Rainbow Riches on Mega Casino

Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the many entertaining, exhilarating and beautiful slot machines games featured on Mega Casino. With its exciting gameplay, fun characters, and potentially massive payouts, Slingo Rainbow Wishes is sure to be a real fan favorite. Register free for a Mega Casino account and make your first deposit to get started. Your pot of gold awaits!

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