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Spin the French Roulette Wheel

As one of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette is a must on any casino visitor’s travel itinerary. While millions of people around the world have played the game, most don’t know where roulette originated. If you had to guess where roulette was invented, where would you choose? If you guessed France, then you’re absolutely correct.

While America and the rest of Europe have created their own variations on the game, France is roulette’s homeland. Many don’t know the differences between French roulette and the game’s other forms. In this article we’ll define French Roulette online, explore the differences between French Roulette and roulette from other regions, go over the rules of the game, and provide an overview of the different kinds of bets.

Once you’re done reading this tutorial, you’ll be raring and ready to go on your own French roulette adventures.

What is French Roulette Online?

For the vast majority of our history, playing casino games required a trip to a traditional, land-based casino. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who lived near a resort town, then there’s a very high likelihood that planning a trip to a casino would have been an arduous and complicated process. Should I fly or drive? What airline should I take? Which hotel should I stay in? How many pairs of socks should I bring?

Nowadays, the need for a trip to a physical casino location is a chore of the past. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, casinos are now not only accessible from anywhere in the world but can now be enjoyed on the go. For those who love playing French Roulette, online casinos are a breath of fresh air.

What’s great about playing French Roulette online is that you can even play with a live dealer, rather than having to rely on a computer algorithm or random number generator. Playing with a live French Roulette dealer provides an immersive experience that improves upon the in-casino experience thanks to helpful graphical overlays and automatic winnings calculations.

How is it Different from Other Types of Roulette?

Of all the Roulette variations, French Roulette likely stands out as the one with the most unique gameplay. While it’s true that American Roulette’s wheel is different than other variations, the French version still takes the cake as the most interesting take on the game.

Unlike other variations, some French Roulette games are led by two dealers, referred to as croupiers in France. Each hold a 60cm rake used to collect chips. Some French Roulette tables are double the length of their European and American versions. French Roulette also features very unique differences when it comes to placing bets, which we will discuss later on in the article.

Rules of French Roulette Game

The actual gameplay of French roulette is very similar to the American and European variations, with very few, but very major differences. One of the clearest contrasts is the addition of announcement bets, or bets that are called after the ball has already begun to spin. More on announcement bets later. The additional roulette French bets keep the game fresh for players who might be growing tired of the European or American versions of the game.

In addition to announcement bets, French Roulette also allows the 0 pocket to be called as an inside bet, while the other variations of the game only allow bettors to wager on the black and red numbers.

Overview of French Roulette Bets

Understanding the various types of bets can spell the difference between losing money and winning impressive payouts. In French live online roulette, there are three types of bets: inside bets, outside bets, and announced bets. Each one of these bets comes with different payouts depending on how risky of a bet it is.

Inside bets are by fair the riskiest bets, but also offer the highest payouts. Inside bets include wagers betting on the 0-36 pocket. With the addition of the 0 pocket in French Roulette, the house has an increased advantage since the odds are 1-of-37, instead of the European roulette 1-of-36. Inside bets includes straight up (betting on one number between 0-36), split (betting on two adjacent numbers), street (betting on all three numbers in a row), corner bet (a group of four numbers with intersection corners), and line (betting on two rows).

Outside bets, while much less risky, also offer much lower payouts. They include even and odd, black or red, column, dozen, and low / high.

The biggest difference between French Roulette and the other variations, specifically the London roulette, is announcement bets. Announcement bets include Voisins du Zero (includes numbers neighboring zero, covering 17 pockets), Jeu Zero (the numbers closest to zero, which covers 7 pockets), Le tiers du cylinder (thirds of the wheel), and Orphelins (the two groups of numbers outside Voisins and Tiers).

It’s time to start playing! So grab some credits and get spinning!