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There once was a time when a trip to the casino required a lengthy and arduous planning process. An excursion to a land-based casino might require you to take time off work, save vacation time, plan a travel itinerary, reserve a rental car, book a hotel room and more. Even the mere thought is exhausting. Online gambling sites have made the entire gambling experience easier.

The prospect of a stress-free, logistics-free casino experience is no longer a pipe dream. Online casinos have made gambling easier and more accessible than ever before. Both online and land-based casinos have their own unique pros and cons. In this article we’ll discuss the differences between the two and we’ll explore the reasons why online gambling is ultimately the best all-around gambling experience.

The Nature of Games

The dictionary defines the word “game” as “a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.” The core nature of gaming remains the same across all platforms. Playing a game of roulette on a green felt table is the same as playing live roulette on a computer monitor or the screen of a mobile device since both are “a form of play” decided by “skill, strength of luck.”

Games played on online casinos are no less “gamey” than games played on a physical table, since they both offer the same rules, gameplay and core gaming principles. While the overall experience might be very different, especially regarding the ways we physically interact with the game elements, we can still enjoy all the things we love about gaming on both online and land-based platforms.

What About Odds? The RTP Difference

There is a common misconception that the online gambling odds are in some way stacked against the gamer. Players fear that since they are completely at the mercy of the game’s programming, that somehow, the odds are skewed in favor of the house. In fact, the opposite is true. Since online casinos have a set Return to Player (RTP) rate, there are never any hidden advantages for the house. If an online casino game has an RTP of 97%, that means that 97% of all bets casino-wide are returned to the player – no ifs, ands or buts.

In contrast, land-based casinos are far more volatile. Since the games are operated by a dealer, the odds are based purely on chance. Land-based casinos do not deliver the consistent payouts of their online counterparts. The only exception to this rule is slot machines, which are governed by random number generators. The random number generators give online slots an exhilarating level of unpredictability.

Grasp of Money – Digital Transactions vs. Chips

Gambling is exciting because of the inherent risks and rewards that go along with it. The prospect of winning a big jackpot drives gamblers to keep investing more and more cash into the games. Regardless of which type of casino platform you play, it’s important to grasp the importance of money and how casinos handle bets.

At land-based casinos, gamblers exchange cash for chips. Chips are basically the equivalent of a casino currency. Instead of dealing in dollars, casinos deal in chips, with values that are easily discernible based on their color. Online casinos are similar. In order to avoid any exchange rate confusion, online casinos offer a standard chip which is worth the same amount across all forms of currency. It’s important to remember that digital transactions make impulse buying more likely since purchasing more chips is only a few clicks away. Since online casinos are available to access from almost anywhere, the opportunity to spend is always there. As a result, restraint and self-control are important skills to develop, though casinos also offer a host of safeguards to avoid financial devastation.

Are Online Casino Games More Addictive?

Since online casinos are so much easier to access, it would be easy to assume that they are more addictive, though recent studies seem to contradict those assumptions. In a survey of over 4,000 casino gamblers, it was shown that most players gambled infrequently and in moderation. Only a very small fraction (as low as 1%) showed intense gaming behavior.

The study also showed that over a period of nine months, the average gambler made a bet once every two weeks, showing that online gambling likely isn’t the arbiter of sorrow and destruction that some would lead you to believe. In fact, online casinos can set betting and deposit limits that help offset the chances of developing an addiction.

To Sum Up

While playing on online gambling sites and land-based casinos are very different experiences, the nature of gaming remains consistent across both platforms. Online casinos are just as exciting and just as fair as their traditional counterparts, and typically even more so. While some might be wary of online gambling because of the negative stigma, it doesn’t take long to realize that the rumors are all unfounded, overblown and flat-out not true.